During the outbreak, the second video conference was held successfully, and the next generator order was released!

During the outbreak, the second video conference was held successfully, and the next generator order was released!

During the epidemic, in order to do practical things for foreign trade enterprises and contribute our own strength, our company plans to continue to issue the actual purchase demand list overseas, and hold a video conference, so that export enterprises can "face-to-face" negotiations with purchasers at home.

On February 27, the second video docking meeting was successfully held, which brought six Chinese suppliers to Mr. ASIM, who runs printing and embossing factories. The meeting adopts a one-to-one mode, with each enterprise docking for 15 minutes.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. ASIM first introduced the operation of his factory, main products and production scale, etc., and said that the purpose of this import is to update the old production equipment, and hope to find long-term cooperative manufacturers of raw materials and accessories. Subsequently, ASIM introduces the purchasing requirements, product specifications and technical requirements.

After listening to ASIM's explanation, Chinese enterprises began to introduce their own enterprises and product advantages, and answered the specific requirements mentioned by ASIM. A company in Qingdao also took the purchaser to see the factory "on the spot" through video, and carried out a simple equipment operation display. At the same time, Chinese enterprises also disclosed to our company that Pakistan would not be the market they considered in the past, but only after this meeting did they know that Pakistan had a large number of small and medium-sized factories in the past, but due to the underdeveloped network, a large number of demands could not be conveyed. They have expressed that they will definitely visit Pakistan in the future, or participate in local well-known exhibitions, and contact with local enterprises in person to understand the most real needs.
After the self introduction, the two sides discussed each other's problems and exchanged contact information at the end of the meeting. The 15 minute video connection is only the initial contact between the buyer and the seller, and builds a certain trust through my platform, which will effectively promote the efficiency and achievement of the negotiation between the two sides.

Mr. ASIM said that he did not expect that Chinese enterprises could still respond quickly during the outbreak, and thanked the participating enterprises and my platform. Chinese enterprises said that the content of this video conference is substantial and it is rare to meet with end-user buyers during the epidemic. They also thanked our platform.
Third order details
The following is the generator order sent by XXX power machinery company. This time, there are a total of 12 sets required, and the specific model is as follows:
Ntaa855-g7a, 400KW, 3 sets
Kta19-g3a, 500kW, 1 set
6ltaa89-g2, 250KW, 2 sets
Ntas55-g2a, 350kW, 1 set
6ctaa83-g2, 200kW, 2 sets
6bta59-g2, 150KW, 1 set
Kta50g3, 1MW, 1 set, gasoline
Kta50g3, 1MW, 1 set, diesel

Quotation requirements:
1. C & F Karachi
2. Freight is indicated separately

Everest International Expo PVT. Ltd., which organized this conference, is a famous exhibition company in Pakistan. With nearly 20 years of experience in Pakistan, it has accumulated a large number of purchasers' resources and has the strength to accurately match the corresponding buyers for each exhibitor. Its Pakistan industrial exhibition has developed into an important platform for international enterprises to explore the Pakistani market. Our company will also release new procurement demands and hold video conferences in succession. During the epidemic, we will help more foreign trade enterprises. Welcome to continue to pay attention.

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