Market Research Report of CNC machine tools in Pakistan

Market Research Report of CNC machine tools in Pakistan

The government of Pakistan is continuously committed to the development of industrialization, so the import demand of all kinds of mechanical products continues to rise, especially CNC products. In addition to the import demand of new manufacturers, a large number of existing factories also have a huge demand for upgrading.

At the same time, CNC machine tools are our country's superior export products. In order to better match the supply and demand sides, our company spent two weeks to visit and contact the local importer of Pakistan by telephone, so as to have a deeper understanding of the market and existing problems. I would like to share with you.

01 Types and uses of mainstream CNC in Pakistan

Adiq trading company has been engaged in CNC machine tool industry in Pakistan for many years, and has cooperated with many Chinese CNC manufacturers. We contacted Mr. Adnan, the manager of its purchasing department. He introduced to us that the following three types of machine tools are most widely used in Pakistan:

a) Grinder (Rough grinder, precision grinder, floor grinder, table grinder)
b) Cutting machine (CNC milling machine, CNC engraving machine, CNC lathe, plasma cutting machine)
c) Drilling machine (precision drilling machine, vertical, multi axis, CNC drilling machine)

Among the end buyers of CNC, the following three types of manufacturing enterprises are the main groups:
Metal processing: Automobile and motorcycle parts, agricultural machinery parts, bearings, hardware tools, electrical boxes, surgical instruments, metal signs, etc
Leather processing: leather sports equipment, car cushion, etc
Wood products: doors and windows, furniture, etc

02 Concentration of agents and terminal buyers

Karachi is the distribution center of CNC machine tools products in Pakistan by virtue of its geographical advantages. Because most CNC machine tools are imported by sea, Karachi is the largest port in Pakistan, so most agents of Chinese enterprises are concentrated in Karachi.
These manufacturers, i.e. end buyers, are concentrated in Lahore, Sialkot or other cities in Punjab. In the past, these end buyers usually contacted Karachi's agents for purchase. But as more and more Chinese enterprises begin to explore deeply, terminal buyers also begin to contact exporters directly to reduce costs.

03 Purchasing features: on site factory inspection and real products are the king
Pakistan's big companies almost do not purchase through agents, but directly contact with Chinese manufacturers, but before placing an order, they will definitely come to China to see the factory for inspection, especially during the Canton Fair. Even buyers who don't know the product well will come to China with professional technicians and will not buy until the product quality is determined.

At present, some manufacturers have begun to take samples to Pakistani purchasers through overseas warehouses, exhibitions and other forms, and can directly visit the physical prototype, which will greatly promote the achievement of orders.

04 Good after-sales service

In addition to the whole machine, all kinds of accessories also have a large amount of import demand. After investigation, almost all purchasers are willing to purchase accessories through the original factory. This reminds Chinese enterprises to pay attention to after-sales maintenance and keep close contact with customers. The export of accessories will be an important profit growth point for Chinese suppliers.

05 Suggestions and opportunities for Chinese Enterprises

According to several purchasers, many CNC systems purchased from China are still in Chinese, and the replacement of many equipment language systems cannot be solved remotely, so they have to hire technicians from China to update them. It is recommended that Chinese enterprises modify the language according to the customer's requirements when leaving the factory.
In addition, Pakistan has a large stock of existing factories, but according to our company's field visit (see the figure below), most of the equipment is very old, so we urgently need to import better equipment to improve production capacity and efficiency. With the entry into force of the second phase protocol of China Pakistan Free trade agreement, the demand for CNC machine tools will surge with lower tariff.

Pakistan industrial exhibition is the most influential professional industrial exhibition in Pakistan. It has successfully assisted many Chinese CNC enterprises to explore the market, and has developed into an important platform for international enterprises to explore the market in Pakistan. Since the venue is Lahore, the industrial center of the country, plus the resource advantages and sensational publicity of Everest exhibition company, the organizer, it attracts a large number of terminal buyers and agents, such as factory owners, every year. In 2019, Pakistan Economic Observer counted 50000 visitors to watch the exhibition.

The 4th Pakistan industrial exhibition in 020 will be held in Lahore International Convention and Exhibition Center from October 23 to 25, and now the application has been officially opened. Welcome to inquire.
All market information in this article is obtained from a visit to the following enterprises:
Sadiq Trading
AML Trading
Lajjpal CNC
Remha Traders Pvt Ltd
FBL Industries
Haroon CNC Engineering Works
Hafiz CNC and Lathe Machine
AIS Trading Corporation
S.A Trader



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