Pakistan construction machinery Market Research Report

Pakistan construction machinery Market Research Report

In April 2015, one belt, one road and one flagship project, was launched by China and Pakistan. The two countries will build transportation and power facilities along the line, and the total engineering cost is expected to reach US $45 billion, which is planned to be completed by 2030. Driven by the corridor construction, Pakistan's construction machinery demand soared and is still rising. In order to better understand the market, our local staff visited many construction machinery importers and end buyers to investigate the real situation.

We first visited Mr. Sajjad Hanif, who has been engaged in the construction machinery industry for 16 years. At present, he is the agent of many international brands, selling complete machines and related accessories.

He told us that the construction machinery products in Japan and Europe and the United States are full of the local market, while the Chinese products only account for a very small share. In terms of product models, almost all of the machines produced in 1985-2000 or older are currently used. There is no sale of the brand-new machinery of the above brands in the market.

Sajjad showed us a caterpillar loader made in 1990, which costs 5-6 million rupees (about 277-33000 yuan), while the price of new machinery made in China with the same loading capacity is 3.2 million rupees (about 180000 yuan).

The reasons for the above situation are as follows:
1. Pakistani enterprises do not recognize Chinese brands
In their inherent impression, Chinese products represent low price and low quality. Of course, this view has gradually changed among the people in their industry.

2. After sales service of Chinese products is not guaranteed
This is the most fundamental reason for not being recognized by the local market. Sajjad introduced that various parts of European, American and Japanese machinery are very easy to buy in the market all over the country. In addition to imports, there are also parts factories that can produce good quality parts. From the whole machine, parts sales to after-sales maintenance and other services have been very perfect. However, there is almost no local after-sales service point for Chinese brands. If parts need to be replaced, they can only be imported from China, which greatly increases the time and economic cost.

Common brands in the market

Cat (caterpillar) caterpillar * USA
Carter can see all kinds of models in Pakistan market. Most of them are imported second-hand products. Because of its stability, it occupies a large proportion in the market, especially some government engineering contractors especially like to use Carter products.

Hitachi * Japan
Hitachi's products are also common on the construction site, and they are loved by Pakistan Engineering Company for their convenience of maintenance.

Although on the whole, the market share of Chinese products is still small, but after field investigation, we also found that more and more enterprises began to accept and represent Chinese brands.

Visit the largest importer of Construction Machinery Group Company
——JADE Group

Jade Machinery Co., Ltd. is a construction machinery company under jade group, with strong strength. It has cooperated with Perkins Engine Co., Ltd., Zoomlion, Lovol, Beiqi Foton, meikos and other well-known enterprises, mainly providing sales and after-sales services for Pakistani customers. Its distribution products include construction, agricultural machinery and warehouse handling equipment, excavators, wheel loaders, generators, forklifts, diesel engines and other industrial machinery and parts. The following are the prices of several popular products that we have learned about:

[excavator] Zoomlion
2e230e model: deadweight 23 tons, quotation 19 million rupees (tax included)
About RMB 1055000

2e360e model: dead weight 36 tons, quotation 32 million rupees (tax included)
About RMB 1.777 million

[wheel loader] Revo
Deadweight 3 tons, quotation 1 million rupees (tax included)
About RMB 55000

[forklift] mikos
Deadweight of 3 tons, quotation of INR 2.575 million (tax included)
About RMB 143000
*The above quotation is the reference price

Visit apex machine

At present, apex cooperates with Chinese brands such as Shangong, Sany Heavy Industry and Xingbang heavy industry to be responsible for the local sales and service of the above brands. Hamza Hashmi, marketing manager of apex, told us that the prices of European and American products are generally too high, so customers will also choose Chinese products with reasonable prices and trust Chinese products.

Hashmi said that according to the construction plan of China Pakistan Economic Corridor, there will still be a large number of engineering projects, so the demand for equipment will not decline, and they also hope to cooperate with more Chinese enterprises.

Suggestions for Chinese enterprises to develop Pakistan construction machinery market

1. In order to carry out business in Pakistan, China Construction machinery export company needs to set up after-sales service center in Pakistan and employ local employees to sell, operate and maintain, which is more convenient for maintenance, so as to protect the rights and interests of local buyers and make them feel at ease in buying and using.
2. In terms of after-sales and spare parts, many Japanese and European companies have entered Pakistan market in different forms, some have established joint ventures in the local market, some have established after-sales service stations in the local market, so customers can easily repair and obtain spare parts. This is very important, most customers regard it as an important reference for purchase decision.
3. Through appropriate advertising, let Pakistan market know the development status of Chinese products, and let Pakistan more accurately and comprehensively understand the made in China.

The fourth Pakistan International in 2020
Construction machinery and Construction Machinery Exhibition

Everest International Expo PVT. Ltd., which has completed the above research, is a famous exhibition company in Pakistan. With nearly 20 years of experience in Pakistan, it has accumulated a large number of purchasers' resources and has the strength to accurately match the corresponding buyers for each exhibitor.

The international construction machinery and construction machinery exhibition in Pakistan has helped a number of domestic enterprises to successfully explore the Pakistani market.

Everest, the organizer, has been in-depth cooperation with Pakistan Construction Industry Association for many years. It has 383 member enterprises and is the end buyer of engineering and construction machinery. During the annual exhibition, the president and Secretary General of Everest will bring a delegation to visit and discuss cooperation with domestic exhibitors.

During the exhibition, engineering and construction industry forum and press conference will be held to invite Pakistan National Engineering Company, engineering contractor, importer and dealer of construction machinery and real estate developer to participate, so as to better understand the situation of Pakistan industry and connect with partners.

The exhibition has developed into an important platform for international enterprises to explore Pakistan market, and it has been listed in the key Subsidy Plan of Shandong Province. It fully subsidizes booth fees and exhibits transportation fees. You are welcome to continue to pay attention.


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