The 3rd Pakistan Industrial Exhibition was successfully held

The 3rd Pakistan Industrial Exhibition was successfully held

The 2019 China Mechatronics (Pakistan) Brand Exhibition-The 7th China-Pakistan Business Forum was successfully held in Lahore, Pakistan on September 4. The exhibition area of ​​this exhibition is more than 4,300 square meters. Exhibitors come from Pakistan, Iran, Japan, China, etc. This time, there are 73 Chinese exhibitors and 82 standard booths. According to statistics, this exhibition has more than 30,000 visitors, including more than 12,000 professional buyers. Minister of Science and Technology of Pakistan, Chinese Consul General in Lahore, Pakistan attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition and inspected the exhibition hall. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan received the Chinese pavilion on the night of the exhibition. A large number of media, Daoqi, and Internet propaganda before and after the exhibition caused a warm response and sensation in Pakistan. The show has become the first show with the most influence led by Chinese enterprises.
he influence has further expanded

. According to statistics, this time the audience exceeded 30,000 person-times, of which over 12,000 were professional buyers.

The picture shows the signal vehicles of various media during the exhibition, which will report the grand event in real time to the corresponding online media, TV stations and radio stations.

Popular signing contract signing at the exhibition site

Superstar engraving machine has come to the exhibition for the second year. As last year, there was a steady stream of businessmen who came to negotiate. All the machines shipped were scheduled to be snapped up on the first day. At present, it has set up a special department to further explore the Pakistani market.

Laser engraving machines and marking machines are popular industrial products in Pakistan. This exhibition dozens of CNC machine tool companies from Jinan and Liaocheng participated in the exhibition and transported 80 cubic meters of exhibits.

After the investigation and docking stage of our team in Pakistan, we received more than 20 inquiries from Pakistani companies.

In three days of the exhibition, Shandong engraving machine company sold all dozens of exhibits in advance. After the meeting, he said to us that he did not expect that his own products could be so popular in Pakistan. It felt easier to develop than the domestic market that has become the Red Sea. CNC exhibitors

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