The third video docking meeting was successfully held, and two more real orders were issued!

The third video docking meeting was successfully held, and two more real orders were issued!

During the epidemic period, in order to do practical work for foreign trade enterprises and contribute our own strength, our company plans to continue to issue the real demand list of overseas procurement, and hold a video conference, so that export enterprises can "face-to-face" negotiations with purchasers at home. At present, four demand lists have been issued.

On March 5, the third Pakistan video procurement docking meeting was successfully held. The procurement content was hydraulic hose, which was attended by three Chinese manufacturers from Yancheng, Haiyan and Zhuji.

Fazal traders is a professional hardware dealer and trader in Pakistan. Its main products are pipes, saws and belts.
Mr. Afzal, the founder of the company, introduced that he had accumulated a large number of customer resources in the above main product field by virtue of years of market experience, so he often needed to import goods. Although there is only a demand for hydraulic pipes, we hope to establish cooperation with more Chinese enterprises.

The meeting began at 1 p.m. Pakistan time. After the meeting, Mr. Afzal first introduced himself to the suppliers and explained the specific scale and quantity of the procurement.

Pakistan business tips
Pakistan's daily life is different from that in China. The time of sleeping and getting up is generally later, especially for the company's boss. They are used to arrive at the company to start work around 11 o'clock. The general situation of ordinary employees is not earlier than 9 o'clock, and the lunch time is usually between 1:30 and 2:30. So it's very reasonable to arrange around 12 o'clock when making an appointment to visit customers in Pakistan.

Subsequently, the supplier introduced the advantages of their own enterprises and products to Mr. Afzal in turn, and asked specific questions.

After answering the questions, Mr. Afzal asked the supplier that he hoped the products could be delivered directly from the Chinese factory to Pakistan. The reason is that he has contacted many Chinese enterprises. Although the number is large, he still let Afzal contact their agents in Pakistan. The problem is that many agents do not try their best to open up the market for the agent brand. The problems such as low efficiency and incomplete product models often occur, which is unacceptable to the professional buyers represented by Mr. Afzal.

Mr. Afzal explained that some problems can be solved by establishing the agent mode in the local market, such as the delay in reply to customers due to time difference, energy saving, etc., but it can't completely rely on the mode, because a large number of orders will be missed.

Next order to be docked

Everest International Expo PVT. Ltd., which organized this conference, is a famous exhibition company in Pakistan. With nearly 20 years of experience in Pakistan, it has accumulated a large number of purchasers' resources and has the strength to accurately match the corresponding buyers for each exhibitor.
Its Pakistan industrial exhibition has developed into an important platform for international enterprises to explore the Pakistani market. Our company will also release new procurement needs and hold video conferences. During the epidemic, we will help more foreign trade enterprises. Welcome to continue to pay attention.


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