Meeting Arrangement

Meeting Arrangement

Pakistan is the author and the General Agreement on Tariffs and the WTO is one of the Member States; is a member of SAARC Free Trade Area; and China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka signed a Free Trade Agreement; and Iran, Mauritius and Indonesia signed there are preferential trade agreements; Fu with Afghanistan Han signed a transit trade agreement. The total trade in goods 2014/15 fiscal year, Pakistan's total trade in goods was 698.65 Yi dollars, of which exports of $ 23.885 billion and imports US $ 45.98 billion, respectively, year on year increase in long 4.67%, -4.88% and 2.01. The trade deficit was US $ 22.095 billion, a year-on-year increase of 10.68%.

In the 2014/15 fiscal year, Pakistan's top 10 goods trading partners were China, the UAE, the United States, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Kuwait, Germany, India and Afghanistan; the top 10 export destinations were the United States, China, Afghanistan, UK, UAE, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Bangladesh; the top 10 largest import source country for the United Arab Emirates, China, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India, Japan, the United States, Indonesia and Germany.

Pakistan's main export commodities include textiles, food, jewelry, chemical products (including medicines), leather and its products, medical appliances, cement, sporting goods, engineering equipment, carpets, etc. The main imported commodities include crude oil and petroleum Products, food, transportation, steel, plastic raw materials, power generation equipment, electrical appliances, steel scrap, fertilizers and silk.

Pakistan's total trade in services was 139.99 Yi dollars, of which exports were $ 5.741 billion, imports amounted to $ 8.258 billion, respectively, year on year increase in long 4.94%, 7.40% and 3.30%. The trade deficit was US $ 2.517 billion, a decrease of 3.93% year-on-year.


Subject:   Invitation Letter of Participating Online Pak-China Business Forum - Industrial Expo (Zhejiang Province Branch)


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