Wendeng Allwin Motots Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

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Company Introduction:

From the beginning of the 1980's, Ormond committed to the professional motor manufacturing electric motors and electric tools, and establishes the creation of China's best motors and power tools brands. After thirty years of effort, is now set to become the motor of Ormond motors and power tools design, manufacture, sales in one of the country's leading integrated suppliers.

The company has three production operation area, more than 800 employees. Rigorous modern enterprise management system, based on a steady stream of superior performance and efficient • ultra-efficient motors, permanent magnet servo motors, rubber machinery special motors, brake motors cycloid machine dedicated to domestic and foreign markets, desktop electric polishing tools, garden tools and other products, the formation of hundreds of series more than 1,000 specifications of the product size. Production of various kinds of power tools more than 150 million units, all kinds of special three-phase asynchronous motor more than 50 million kilowatts. Since 1989, import and export right, it has been to provide OEM manufacturing for the world's most high-end power tools brand, but also for the world's leading motors and power transmission solutions provider Emerson and Sumitomo Electric motor products. On the basis of long-term international cooperation on cross-border cooperation has accumulated rich experience in production and delivery experience. Export products have passed quality and safety certification CUL, CE and other international mainstream market, and its a good cultural connotation won domestic and foreign customers. Products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions, the export volume of more than 50 million US dollars.

As the industry's influential business, Owen Electric is China Electrical Equipment Industry Association small motor branch of the governing units, the China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association horsepower motor branch of the governing units, the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, member of the Council power tools.

Domestic enterprises and universities entered into a long-term research cooperation relations, research and development strength. Is a national high-tech enterprises, with Shandong Province, the only desktop Power Tools Engineering Research Center, Shandong efficient ultra-efficient motor technology center, Weihai efficient ultra-efficient Electrical Engineering Laboratory (provincial pending), Weihai City Industrial Design Center . It is the only province to obtain a high efficiency motor remanufacturing qualified enterprises.

In recent years, companies in more than 20 patent applications, participate in nine countries and revision of industry standards, the first intellectual property management system through the identification. Product won the "Shandong Famous Brand" (3), "Shandong Province, focusing on cultivating and developing international brands (export brand)" and other honors, the registered trademark "" "were awarded Shandong Province.

As a rich history of precipitation enterprises, Owen Road, that has always insisted from the beginning of creation will be a consistent of "integrity, innovation, people, harmony," the basic philosophy, the concept of sustainable development, in order to continued technological innovation energize the development of enterprises, creating value for society, for the well-being of employees to seek to achieve a full range of "ALLWIN" (all win). Adhering to this philosophy, Owen followed global energy motor technology trends, focusing on electrical energy and the promotion of technological innovation, and strive to achieve social harmony, environment and stakeholders, to build a "resource-saving and environment-friendly" society and make unremitting efforts.

Future, Owen will continue to develop energy-efficient motor technology and desktop power tools electronic control technology. With the ever-increasing ability to innovate, flexible customization capability and flexible manufacturing capabilities, as well as maturing delivery capabilities to provide more high-end products and services to customers worldwide 


Business Scope:

  1. Bench Grinders
  2. Buffers
  3. Cut Off Saw
  4. Drilling & Mortising Machine
  5. Dust Collectors
  6. Floor Care Tools
  7. Gardening
  8. Power Tool Assy.
  9. Sanders
  10. Saws
  11. Sharpeners
  12. Single Phase Motor
  13. Special Designed Motor
  14. Three Phase Motor
  15. Vertical Spindle Moulder
  16. Planer Thicknesser